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Lovely Baby Brainpower

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Baby Classics

According to a lot of studies, music has proven to be a very important factor in the development of a child's brain, specially in the first year.
Award-winning composer Raimond Lap is internationally recognized for his special productions for babies and his CDs are enjoyed by millions of babies worldwide. By listening to his music babies learn the most elementary characteristics of music: melody, harmony and rhythm. This will result in an advantage in learning at later age.

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Lovely Baby Styles

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Lovely Baby New Age
Sleepy Seaside Piano part 1Sleepy Seaside Piano part 2Sleepy Seaside Piano part 3
N E W from Raimond Lap

My Musical Pregnancy
My Musical Pregnancy
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educational and entertaining

All productions of Raimond Lap consist of many entertaining and educational elements. Raimond Lap is internationally known for his baby CDs, for which he has been awarded with a golden record.

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