Music on a Baby Spoon
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'You won't hear them shout: 'Fantastic, mom!' You won't see them make any effort to try out the little dance steps they've just learned. No, the little baby crows with delight, laughs, thrashes about with its little legs or appears to be singing along itself (although it can also happen that the baby shows a long face). So a baby does respond strongly to music. Could there already be a feel for music in the purity of this 'baby-ness'' For me, that's not a question but a certainty. If we know that music influences the emotional life of our baby, then it's important that we take a good look at the music that we present to the upcoming generation. There is no baby in the world that can play a CD itself. No baby that shouts to daddy from its playpen: 'Turn that radio off!' But this is not to say that these inarticulate little creatures have no musical preferences. A baby has the 'primal right' to make choices itself. Our task: to find out what these choices are.'

TIP: If you hear something pleasant on the radio or on television, announce the fact by humming, singing or speaking along with it yourself. This develops conscious listening and the imitation of rhythm and melody. Furthermore, you teach your baby to listen selectively. You only sing, hum or talk along with the things you like, after all. And your little one takes it all in unconsciously!

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