Music on a Baby Spoon
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After years of research with small groups of babies, Raimond thought it was time to record things on video and observe and compare larger groups of babies. 29 babies were recorded in turn as they listened to his music in a domestic setting. Raimond scheduled a total of three days for this unique reportage. The baby reactions were carefully noted and studied later on. Strikingly, not one baby cried throughout the entire recording session. 98% of all babies responded directly to the sounds of the baby music. Each completely differently than the other. Again the merits of good baby music were demonstrated for Raimond and it was confirmed, furthermore, that each baby has its musical preferences.

TIP: If you have a videocamera, shoot a lot of close-ups of your little one. On playback, your baby will be entertained by the pictures. Only after its first year will the child realise that it is looking at itself!

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