Award winning composer Raimond Lap
award winning composer Raimond Lap

Our goal

At this moment tens of millions of people are enjoying my music.
It is my goal to make my music available to ALL babies worldwide.
We are constantly looking for new ways to make this possible.
Together we can make this a better and more peaceful world by offering our Lovely Baby Music to every new born.
A child that develops the love of music is the basis to a more stable and harmonious society.

If you share our vision as a
company or if you are a parent,
please look at the amazing opportunities we can offer you.

'Creating a better world starts with music at birth'

Raimond Lap
RGL Music and Artworks is based in the Netherlands and is the exclusive worldwide owner of several famous brands.

Lovely Baby CD

Lovely Family CD

Music 4 Brains

Sleepy Seaside Piano

If you wish to have more detailed information about our music.
Please visit the below websites. You can actually listen to all CDs, view our awards,
read what the press wrote and learn more about our visions and dedication.