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SONY Music presents Lovely Baby at Hong Kong Baby-Fair

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Hong Kong-interview (in Chinese)

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Magazine ELLE in Portugal

Parenting Magazine Colombia

Raimond Lap's complete Lovely Baby CD series Awarded in the USA by the Dove Foundation

Belgium Lifestyle Magazine CHE

Belgium Newspaper: Het belang van Limburg

"I am the Mozart of the babymusic"

Raimond Lap with reggae, blues and the Ave Maria for babies

Dutch Newspaper: Eindhovens Dagblad

Sweet sounds from toys and babies

Raimond Lap creates an international break-through

Belgium Newspaper: Het Laatste nieuws

Supersongs for crying babies

Raimond Lap composes CDs for the little ones

Dutch Newspaper: De Telegraaf

Special CD for Cry-baby

The Lovely Baby CD series was released August 26th in Benelux by Universal Records. The same day it was front page news in De Telegraaf, the leading newspaper in The Netherlands. Raimond Lap gave 14 radio and newspaper interviews throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. In the Netherlands, his baby music has sold very well since its inception in 1994, for which Mr. Lap received a Golden Award. With his new Lovely Baby CD series, now available in 32 countries, his music has proven to be an educational breakthrough in baby development throughout the world. Lovely Baby CDs are expected to break all sales records for baby music.

frontpage news

Introduction of the Lovely Baby CD Series in
Jooangilbo, the leading newspaper in Korea

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