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Baby Test on National Television
RTL-5 actually tested the babymusic of Raimond Lap on National TV.

Here are some screenshots.

Raimond Lap's studio where he composed his special babymusic

While the baby was drinking it's milk they took the bottle away
before the baby was finished

Immediately the baby started crying

The producer played Raimond Lap's Baby CD

Almost immediately the baby stopped crying and started to listen to the music

BBN Baby Test on National Television
BNN's Eddy Zoey visited Raimond Lap's studio and watched the responses of a baby to the music on National TV.
Here are some screenshots.

Raimond Lap being interviewd about his babymusic

What a great concept!

The test

Eddy brought in a baby

The baby was confronted with several styles but without any doubt

preferred Raimond Lap's music

It really works Raimond!

RTL-4 Koffietijd!

BNN with Eddy Zoey

Raimond Lap and Eddy Zoey during an exclusive interview for BNN in the program Eros.

Raimond on TV-8

Dutch KRO Ontbijt TV

Lovely Baby CDs in Indonesia