Music for the next generation

Unborn babies respond to Raimond Lap's music

Famous Dr. Arturo Rodriguez from the Centro Ginecologico in Mexico has
made an amazing discovery; 'Unborn babies respond to Raimond Lap's
music in a fantastic way
'. Below you can find the original statement of
Dr. Arturo Rodríguez.

Mr. Raimond Lap:

Usually your music is on air during pregnancy women real time
ultrasound examination; according your melodies, babies in uterus
have several motions, smiles,  mouth opening, palpebral,  tongue,
hands or  heat motions. Too frequently observation is smile, in that
way, I decided use your music for babies in uterus as acoustic
stimulation. All motions were connected with a basic welfare
sensation. Mr. Lap, this discovery is unique, babies in uterus listen
your music, extraordinary success. Many investigations are open
now, behavior or apprenticeship for example will found new ways for next generations. I send you several smiling
babies faces as jpg archives and a DVD. You can contemplate your own magic. Best regards. Arturo Rodríguez Villa GOMDCuliacán, Sinaloa, México

Centro Ginecologico

Unborn smiling baby as a response to Raimond Lap's music

At this moment Raimond Lap and Dr. Arturo Rodríguez are informing the
press about this unique discovery.