Music for the next generation


"Musically intelligent" from Lovely Baby Music
I emailed you almost three years ago regarding the reaction my Son Eddie had from your music.   I am happy to see that my review is still online.  Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on my son.  At 2 1/2 years old Eddie is obsessed with music and instruments.   Eddie plays with his drums, guitar, maracas, bells, baby grand piano, tambourine, harmonica,  and triangle daily. His instruments are smaller replicas of the "real" thing, not electronic versions.  Eddie's interest is so strong that at 2 1/2 we have him in weekly private music lessons. At his lessons his teacher noticed immediately that he is indeed "musically intelligent".  The ONLY explanation I can give her as to where he gets this from, is your music.  As a child I attempted the clarinet but was not very good at it and my husband never was able to understand reading music.  Again, thank you so much for your music for it has definitely affected my son's life and I believe that his love of music is directly linked to listening to your cd's even before birth. I have no doubt that music will be at the center of his soul forever.
Thank you.

Direct results with the music of Raimond Lap
Every time we play a Cd of Raimond Lap our baby immediately starts giggling and laughing. He is 15 month old.

Pavlov-effect and The Baby CD
Being a musician I would naturally give my daughter the best things in music. But what should one offer a child of just a few months? We received The Baby CD as a birth gift and put in on immediately. Every time that our daughter Ino had to go to sleep we played Raimond Lap's music and danced with her to the music. At the second track she started to yawn. The CD has a sort of a Pavlov-effect. turn the music on, yawn's bedtime! Beautiful!

Down Syndrome
With a lot of pleasure our 1 1/2 year old son listens to Raimond Lap's music. He has the Down-Syndrome and we find it very important that he is stimulated in his musical development.

The Baby CD, 'a must have'!
Hello everybody
Last I gave birth to a son. My mother always makes it a habit to create a gift-package. She added The Baby CD. My son responds every time, specially when he is restless. Now, several months later when we put on The Baby CD he starts to crow of joy! This CD has helped us through a very restless period of not sleeping. We would very much like to recommend this CD to parents that experience sleeping problems with their babies.

Singing baby
My daughter Nicky (8 months) loves The baby CD. Everytime it's played she stops all her activities and concentrates fully on the speakers where the sounds come from. It's a wonderful way to relax. She always sings along with the first track 'Daddy'. (blablablabla...blablablabla) Very nice to see and hear. We'll definitely buy her The Baby CD 2.

Walking on clouds
We only have our child Elientje a few months now and we still can enjoy the baby-like reactions. As a present I received from my pen-friend a CD of Raimond Lap. I can't tell you how many times together with my wife we rocked our baby to the music. It was lovely and at those moments we completely forgot the outside world. Elientje clearly enjoyed it very much. The only negative thing was that she got awake when we turned the music off.

Thank you Raimond, thanks to you we've experienced great times as if we were 'walking on clouds'. Lovely!

A Little miracle
It's a true discovery. Previously our daughter was hard to relax when she started crying. Then my friend gave me some advise and told me about her experiences with The baby CD. I was truly amazed when I saw the responds of our daughter Jasmien to the music of Raimond Lap. Incredible! She loves it, we love it and she stopped crying.

Really, amazing! We now advise everyone in a similar situation, buy this little miracle CD. Raimond Lap, Thanks a million!

Popular uncle because of The Baby CD
Much to my regret I must confess I don't have any children. My sister however has a child (1,1/2 ) which is my niece Emmelie.
She's calm and cheerful at least when her mother is around. When I'm alone with her I do my very best to cheer her up by doing al sorts of funny things. But what ever I do, I can't seem to get her attention. Though other children mostly find my actions quite amusing, Emmelie even becomes mad and sometimes starts crying. This went on time and again until....I bought her The baby CD. Her whole attitude towards me changed since I gave her that CD. She loves it and it made me a very popular uncle.

Beautiful relaxing music for all ages
We are in the possession of two CD's from Raimond Lap: The Baby CD, en The Baby cd vol 2. specially our baby responds to it very good. Everytime he has to go to sleep or when he is crying we play the music. It's truly a great success! We also told our friends and they now share the same experience.

Thank you very much for this beautiful and relaxing music for all ages.

Hello to everyone, but intended for Raymond Lap,
Our daughter, who is 4,1/2 years old is crazy about all the CD's of Raimond Lap. Also his mother, (46).
We once started with: 'Hallo peutertje' and next: de peuter, kleuter, groente, mama and The baby CD (in this order). We also gave lots of his CD's as presents to other children. When Anne stays at a friends house she always is accompanied by the CD's. When she's tired or not fit we always put on one of Raymond's CD's. It clams her down and she relaxes. And I must admit in all honesty, I enjoy the CD's just as much.

Of course we have more music but Raymond Lap's music is the most popular because it really positively influences Anne. Praise!

We'll keep on following Raimond Lap
I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Raimond Lap, who is responsible for the fact that our daughter has cherished his music for so many hours. Our daughter now is 2,1/2 years of age and you must know that she cried a lot. The music was very helpful for relaxing her and make her stop crying. There's one track from The Baby CD I'd like to mention in particular: Water...Birds...Sea. This track contains the sounds of the sea, the birds and lovely piano-music. My wife and I still regularly enjoy his music. It relaxes us all. We'll keep on following Raimond Lap!

Peaceful atmosphere with music of Raimond Lap
I'd like to say that the baby-music of Raimond Lap really is something special. It attributes to a peaceful atmosphere in our home. It cheers us up. We received the CD from friends who also were very pleased with his music. Please, carry on!

Baby music from Raimond Lap...once a day
We first heard of your music at a birth-visit The music was softly playing and our daughter (3) reacted immediately. She started laughing and dancing to the music. When I asked them where they got this music, they told me it was a CD from Raimond Lap. I went to a local store and they also where very enthusiastic about his music. At our home baby music from Raimond Lap is played at least once a day!

Baby chooses for The Baby CD
Our baby loves The Baby CD. Although my husband sometimes goes crazy hearing it again and again, I keep on playing it. Last time we let our baby choose which CD he wanted to hear. Guess what! With his little hands he tried to grab The baby CD.

Good luck with your other CD's.

Cramps and The Baby CD

When our son Jordi was born it was the most beautiful moment in our life. Unfortunately het suffered from cramps. We really tried everything. The only thing that seemed to help was to carry him al day long. Then we received The Baby CD. After playing it a few times he recognized it and he got abstracted from the cramps. The baby CD helped us through this difficult period.

The Baby CD is wonderful
The Baby CD is wonderful. Our son responds to it very nicely. We just ordered The Baby CD 2.

Played the music while pregnant
Our son loves your music. I was able to tape my
friends CD and I played it over and over again while
pregnant and I am convinced he recognized the music
immediately when I played it for him after he was
born. We have "A Baby CD" taped. I will certainly
purchase more of your music.

Your music is wonderful
Your music is wonderful. My husband and I enjoy it so much that we sometimes listen to the Lovely Baby CDs by ourselves, forgetting that our son has already gone to bed!
MK / Germany

It's a miracle
We bought Lovely Baby CD part 3 through the internet and I must say, it is a miracle. Our entire family, my wife and I, along with our baby, three year-old, and four and a half year-old and 4,5 year old play it every day. I don't know why, but I have never heard this kind of music ever before!
HHK / Sweden

As if he receives some medication
We bought Lovely Baby CD 1 for our son Nigel who was 10 months at the time. He is a great guy but with a strong will which results in the fact that he is very restless. As soon as we play Raimond Lap's music it is as if he receives some medication to become relaxed. Then he starts to respond to what he hears. We also noticed that his responses contain some sort of logic, meaning the sounds and movements to each track come back the next time we play those tracks. My husband and I can't get enough of the music. With the other children CDs we get really bored by the lyrics and the fact that each song repeats itself so often. But not with The Lovely Baby CDs. So we join Nigel in his enthusiasm. Our deepest gratitude for this way of composing. Keep up the good work!
CMS / France

Our baby loves it
We bought Baby Classics through the website. Our baby loves it and we as parents, find ourselves very relaxed. Good luck, this is great music!
BvH / The Netherlands

An incredible beauty to see what can be done with music!
We got the Lovely Baby CD 1 when Femke was almost two months old. It relaxed her very much. She would lay still and enjoy the sounds. No she didn't fall asleep but seemed really to enjoy the music with eyes closed. I could tell from the movement of her spleen that she was awake. Femke is now almost three months and we just received Lovely Baby CD3. She responds totally different to this CD. She makes more noises as if she tries to imitate sounds. An incredible beauty to see what can be done with music!
KSN / Belgium

Swimming teacher: comforting and relaxing atmosphere for babies
I am a swimming instructor and am using Baby Classics very successfully during my lessons. It seems the music provides a real comforting and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for both parents and babies.
PA / The Netherlands

Baby was really excited to hear this music
My baby and I visited your website, and as soon as we heard those wonderful tunes, my baby immediately looked at the screen. He was really excited to hear this music. I will try to buy this music locally.
GLL / Poland

Baby lies relaxed and listens carefully
We have two CD's, Lovely Baby CD 2 and Baby Classics. Our son, (6 months old now) responds greatly to your music. It seems as if he knows what each next track will be! He becomes very relaxed when listening. When he is restless or unhappy, we play your music and he is almost immediately at ease. He than lies relaxed and listens carefully. What is surprising is that my son seems more focused, more concentrated when listening and playing. Anyway, it seems the more often we play the music the more relaxed he becomes. Thanks.
JG / Belgium

Baby becomes more intelligent
I am a mother of a 15 month-old baby, and want to thank you for music that helps my child to become more intelligent. When he listens, he seems to learn, and when I play it again, he knows the songs already. Thank you for such miracle music.
ML / Taiwan

Please carry on this great work!
I would like to comment on the Lovely Baby CDs. I am the mother of a very cute two and a half month old daughter who enjoys your music so much. It is a miracle to see. Please carry on this great work!
BGN / The Netherlands

Baby's first musical lessons
I am a mother of a 7 month old baby. I have always played the violin and it would be my sincere wish if one day my daughter would follow me in playing the violin. I believe the CD Baby Classics, which I played ever since my daughter Lisa was 1 month has contributed to her love for classical music. At the time the music really relaxed her and one could see she was really listening. When I play the music now, she is so amused by all the baby-and toy sounds and expresses that by giggling and moving. I noticed she really loves the melodies and harmonies that are in fact real classical. I believe with Raimond's music Lisa has had her first musical lessons and I hope this will encourage her to play the violin one day, just like her mother.
MF / The Netherlands

Shantala baby massage teacher: I have introduced your music in my lessons with great success
I am a Shantala baby massage teacher and have been enjoying the Lovely Baby CDs for quite some time now. I have introduced your music in my lessons with great success. If there is more music available please let me know I will certainly buy it.
HHV / The Netherlands

Lovely Baby CDs: some kind of magic
We got the Baby Classics CD as a premium when my baby boy was around 12-13 months old. Now he's 15 months-old. My husband and I usually play the CD to calm him down when tucking him in. I think the CD has some kind of magic because the music makes him relaxed and quiet. My baby loves it and he's really "listening" to the music when he drinks milk.
NM / Taiwan

We adore your music
I am a mother of a baby of 4 months. We adore your music. Question, where can we buy more of your CDs' We would like to have every baby CD you ever created.
C / France

My baby relaxes and feels happy
Our baby is only two weeks old but I've played the Lovely Baby CDs for the past several months. When I play the music now my baby relaxes and feels happy. Thank you for this. I will try to buy other parts so I can let the baby hear more of this music that will increase his learning ability.
MM / Taiwan

Thanks for this richness in melody and harmony
We have Lovely Baby CD part 1 and we and our baby love it. Thanks for this richness in melody and harmony. This is really worth while listening to.
BB / Spain

Our baby listens every day
I want to buy all the other parts of the Lovely Baby series. Where can I buy them in Taiwan' We received your CD from friends and my husband and I are so impressed. Our baby listens every day to that CD.
MT / Taiwan

Our baby has developed remarkable skills in both music and rhythm
My daughter Angy has listened to your music from the day she was born. She is now 8 months old and we sense that she has developed remarkable skills in both music and rhythm. While trying to stand she is actually dancing and moving very rhythmically as soon as she hears music that appeals to her. Your music must've been responsible for this. Both my husband and I, and of course Angy are very pleased with your music and still play if very often.
FLM / Germany

This is really what the next generation of babies need
I want to thank you for bringing this music to Taiwan. This is really what the next generation of babies need.
SL / Taiwan

Yours is truly the best babymusic there is
When I had my daughter I searched for baby music everywhere. I must admit that yours is truly the best there is. My daughter is now 17 months old. I let her listen from the start. Your music relaxes her. When she was little it made her stop crying. Now she dances and sings to your music. Really a beautiful spectacle!
MR / Germany

My daughter immediately relaxes
My daughter immediately relaxes once we play Raimond Lap's music. I noticed that she really remembers the songs. For example I have played her Baby Classics a lot of times and when she hears the same music played on the Classical Radio FM she recognises the music. Great!
BP / The Netherlands

The music makes our baby more focused and concentrated
Our son (now 6 months old) has a very positive response to Raimond's music. When observing him it seems as if he knows which tracks are coming when playing the music. He becomes very peaceful. When he lies in his kidcube and when he feels inconvenient we always play Raimond's music. Then he lies completely still on his side and starts to listen attentive. With some songs it is as if he is dreaming while awake. He then plays with his hands and toys with much more attention then he would do without listening. I think the music makes him more focused and concentrated.
JKN / The Netherlands

We recommend Lovely Baby CDs them to all our friends
We own two CDs, Lovely Baby CD 2 & 3 of which one is constantly available in our car and the other in our CD-player at home. Indeed we play Raimond Lap's music all the time ever since our daughter Jannet was 2 months old. Now she is 11 months and we can clearly notice that she loves the music. She starts to move and swing when she hears the music. But also we, as parents are very content with the CDs. As a matter of fact we recommend them to all our friends. Perhaps we'll buy some to have handy as a birth-gift.
HB / The Netherlands

The music stimulates the brain
We bought your CDs here in Malaysia and were first skeptical but not any more. It is so lovely to see our baby (6 months) responding to the CD. How can it be possible' Our baby never responded to any other music before. Thank you and we will start buying the other parts as well as we are happy that the music stimulates the brain.
PL / Malaysia

It has an impact on our baby
I am listening to the special baby-music of Raimond Lap. It has an impact on our baby. I very much like it so I want to buy others of your CDs. I can find that again in Singapore so thank you.
AM / Singapore

I've never heard anything so good for babies
Dear Raimond. I got your first CD by chance at Toys'r'us here in Zaragoza. It's simply gorgeous. I've never heard anything so good for babies.
ZG / Spain

It's really great
I have only got the "Lovely Baby CD 1",It's really great. But, I would like to buy the some more in the series, where could I buy it'
TT / Hong Kong

She dances and sings to your music. really a beautiful spectacle!
When I had my daughter I searched for baby music everywhere. I must admit that yours is truly the best there is. My daughter is now 17 months old. I let her listen from the start. Your music relaxes her. When she was little it made her stop crying. Now she dances and sings to your music. really a beautiful spectacle!
MR / Germany

Please carry on this great work
We played your Lovely Baby CDs from the moment our son was born. In that period he spent a lot of time in the kidcube. One could clearly see him listening to the music and absorbing the atmosphere. He is now 10 months old and whenever we play your music, very impressive, he turns his head and looks at the place where the kidcube used to be located. Then he looks at me and smiles. It truly reminds him of those first few months in which he so much enjoyed Raimond's music. For your reference, until this day the music seems to give him an optimistic view of life. Please carry on this great work.
LC / Germany

Apatic boy suddenly became alive again when hearing the music
Raimond Lap's music did so much for our son David and us. When he was 6 months old he got seriously ill. Because of the high doses of medication he received he became apatic for several weeks. He lay still in his bed or his kidcube, sometimes suddenly having hyperactive moods. We hardly had any contact with him until we played Raimond Lap's CD. We noticed a rapid change as soon as he heard the music. He started to smile and became more aware. It was miracle to see how this apatic boy suddenly became alive again when hearing the music. For us this was such a great enjoyment. These days, several months later, David seems to be back the way he was before. The illness won't go away but we have our cheerful guy back.
David kept loving music in general but especially The Lovely Baby CDs. Raimond's music brought such a relief to our whole family. If I play the CDs he immediately responds. For us this music is a reminder of a time in which only this music could bring us together. Our sincere thanks for this miracle.
HHM / The Netherlands

Almost like having a musical babysitter
From the first day that Melissa was born I have been playing The Lovely Baby CDs almost every day. It is such an enjoyment to have the complete series. When I give Melissa a massage I always play Baby Classics and when I am preparing dinner we play and enjoy the other CDs. Melissa is so easy to handle when I play the Lovely Baby CDs. It is almost like we have a musical babysitter. It is so nice to see how she enjoys the music. In fact we all find it a real relaxing pleasure to listen to the music.
SHK / France

Truly miraculous music!
We bought Lovely Baby CD 1 through your website for our son James and play it very often. As soon as he hears the first piano sounds of the first track it is as if his world changes. He stops playing and starts to listen to this wonderful music with a big smile on his face enjoying all the baby and toy sounds and trying to figure out where they come from.
Truly miraculous music!
CN / France

Our baby becomes more aware and very active
Our daughter Noa responds clearly to the Lovely Baby CDs. Before we used other baby music but this was without any results other than getting her sleepy. With the Lovely Baby CDs the effects are totally different. When listening we notice she becomes more aware and very active. She starts to respond to all the sounds she hears. As soon as I put the music on she starts to laugh which makes this music her absolute favorite.
FFM / The Netherlands

Raimond's music polished our baby's mind in a real inventive and magical way
I'd like to express my deepest respect for the beautiful music you create. It is unbeleavable that our son shows so much learning-progress since Raimond Lap's music is played. First we tried the excisting babymusic but that would only relax him while Raimond's music stimulated him and clearly made him laugh and alert. He is now 1 1/2 years old and we started playing Baby Classics when he was 6 months, and soon after we saw the incredible results, we bought Lovely Baby CD 1 and 2. To me and my husband it is clear that this music polished the mind in a real inventive and magical way.

Incredible brain development
A thousand times thank you to Mr. Lap who contributed to the development of our daughter Sandra (now 6 years old). She's been listening to his music since she was two months old, and after being tested recently, it shows she is extremely intelligent. I believe it was the music of Mr. Lap that made her respond and interact at a very early age, and is responsible for her incredible brain development. I am currently pregnant (5 months) with my second child and am already playing this music on a daily basis.

spiritual therapy effect
"It is with pleasure that I order a Baby Christmas CD. I take the chance to congratulate you for the utmost quality of your product. You see, these songs, specially composed for the most sensitive ears and those atentive to the learning in the "grown-up" world, have a spiritual therapy effect. And they replenish our souls, taking us to our childhood's sweet memories. So, this Christmas, your CD will be played over and over in our home and I believe it will charm everyone in the house."
CF Portugal

magic of your music
Congratulations to you for making this happened. I personally have also witnessed the magic of your music when my little nephew was born. My sis-in-law bought the cds and listened to it during her pregnancy and when the little ones came along, he was somehow quite attached to the music. Especially during feeding times, my sis-in-law will have problem with him so what she did was to put on your music and the little monster will finished his milk obediently while enjoying the music. Marvelous!
JY Malaysia

Baby Magic
Hi, I really love your music and my little boy really likes it too! I wish to purchase the Magic cd. Can it be sent to Ireland!
OL Ireland

Baby Mozart
My 15-month baby girl loves you "lovely baby Mozart" very much. I would recommend your products to my friends. Keep on making good music for babies.
AL Hong Kong

Lovely Baby Classics CD
I LOVE your Lovely Baby Classics CD and Lovely Sleepy Baby, and so does my 3 month old son, Isaac. They have a truly remarkable affect on him. I would like to get the entire series, but can't get them in the shops. Can I purchase them on-line? Please help. I'm so eager to hear more, and to play more to my lovely son.
Thank you
CM/ Nothern Ireland